Rehearsals of Multiplex Realities

Multiplex Realities will be part of ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform in Reykjavik on the 13th and 14th of December.

So now we’re doing the last bits of rehearsals before leaving for set-up on wednesday!
Come see me and my lovely team of Disa Krosness (who will be performing) and Miranda Abrahamsson (who have created the musik for the piece).

We would like to thank and Weld for studio support and Konstnärsnämnden for support for our travels.

Frictional Realities @ Riksteatern Residency



working at Riksteatern with the project Frictional Realities together with the fantastical Asreen Rostami, Disa Krosness, Gabriel Widing and Leo Låby. 

We're exploring new ways to work and create new tools for developing experiences which combine with scenic practices with virtual reality (VR). 

Visit our first public test during Scenkonst 18 at Riksteatern 2-3 of June 2018. 

With support from Riksteatern and Stockholm Stad