Photo by: Erik Annerborn

Photo by: Erik Annerborn


Noah Hellwig has surrendered to the structural social pressure of speaking about himself in third person when presenting himself. 
Noah Hellwig is a dancer/performer/choreographer who traverses contexts of extended choreography, contemporary dance, performance art and baroque dance.  

Noah Hellwig was born in Stockholm and started his dance education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School (2000-2009). He have a BA (Hons) degree in Professional Dance and Performance from Central School of Ballet (2010). He recieved a MA in Choreography from DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts in 2016. 

He have been active in several different fields of dance and performance working with Weld Company (2013 - 2018), Nordic Baroque Dancer (2011 - 2018), Kass Dance (2017-2018), Pasodos Dance Company (2014, 2015), Theater Lüneburg (2014), Nomo Daco (2012 - 2016), Ballet Ireland (2010-2013). But he have also worked with independent artists as Dalija Acin Thelander, Moa Westerlund, Anne Juren, Paz Rojo, Anna Koch and Nefeli Ikonomou. 

His own artistic work as a choreographer is informed by an interest in human capabilities, expansion of sensation and developments of art and technology. He is currently exploring cyborgs, game structures, immersive environments, queer identities, subjective sensorial experience and social manipulations.