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Unfolded Necessities

The hug. A touch that lasts. A nonstopping contact. A feeling of unity between two bodies in a voiceless communication. Feeling touch that communicates, melts together and re-crystallizes bodily relations. Flesh against flesh, bone against bone, face against face.
I feel your skin, how it touches mine. I feel the outer layer of our bodies exchanges heat. I lose balance, but because we have become One, I won’t fall. I fly, carried by your embrace slowly towards the ground until my feet find the earth again.

Unfolded Necessities is a 1,5h dance/performance duet exploring different relations of constantly being in touch. With the hug as the basis it explores a slow unfolding of bodily needs, desires and necessities between two people. 

Performed and Choreographed by: Noah Hellwig and Moa Westerlund
Duration: 1,5 hours
Performance area: 2,5 x 2,5m - 4 x 4m | The area should be covered with a 10cm thick layer of slightly moist earth/soil in the shape of a circle.
Premiered at: Beldamadena Exhibition Centre in Spain, during the exhibition The Beauty of Being in summer of 2017.