Frictional Realities


Mixed Reality Performance

a new scenic artform which have started to take shape in the technological scenic landscape. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AU), Haptic-suits, binaural 3D-sound microphones and more, have been developed something enourmously from a technological perspective. But do humanity have time to adapt and embody their experiences with these technological sensorial illusions as a natural part of the human reality.? Could choregraphic and scenic practices of physical presence, sensorial perception, immersion and living interactivity be used to connect and "humanify" the technological experiences?  Frictional Realities focuses on the subjective somatic experience inside virtual environments to explore cyborgian practices of extending the notion of self to reformulate the experience of immersion. An immersion that is constantly deconstructed by the sensorial friction between the physical and the virtual. Which in the end affirms the immersion of reality it self. A feeling of falling into the experience/immersion of your own body in this present moment of time. 


With support from
- Stockholms Stad
- Riksteatern
- Region Stockholm
- The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé

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This project is studied by and developed together with Human-Computer Interaction researcher Asreen Rostami. The project is exploring Rostami's notion of Friction and it's possible applicabilities on Mixed-Reality Performances and primary for this project it's creative uses for interactive VR experiences. There are several layers of "Friction" that could be applied to an artistic experience. We focus currently on sensorial frictions in presence (e.g. a feeling of a table that is virtually larger than it's physical counterpart), temporal frictions (e.g. the feeling of a glitched time experience) and frictions of identity (e.g. a feeling of becoming another body). As the research is in development so is also the creative process and focus. 


Artistic Team
- Noah Hellwig
- Asreen Rostami
- Gabriel Widing
- Disa Krosness
- Leo Låby - Pusslebitgames


Photos from research residency at Riksteatern, spring 2018.


Photos by: Asreen Rostami