Creature in perception small.jpg


Concept, choreography, soundscape & performance by: Noah Hellwig. 

Performed at: 
- STOFF Stockholm Fringe Festival 2015 at Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern, Stockholm. 
- GROUNDS Festival at DOCH, Stockholm. 


A choreographed space.

Pitch black.

Sensing creatures.

Sensing your own sensing.

Sensing the failings of your own senses.

Noticing the perception of darkness.

Of being alone together. 

Creatures in Perception is an partly immersive experience inside a pitch black space. The audience is roaming around alone together while the performance is happening around them. It is working with sensorial orientation techniques and input and the failing of the senses and what kind of experiences that produces in the body.

It is also working with darkness as a material, a matter that you can sense and disappear into. A partner to dissolve your own experience of self with. Or a trigger of sensorial confusion.